Fall 2017,  SCI-Arc  
instructors Kristy Balliet, M.Casey Rehm
partner Asmaa Abu Assaf


The Animate Line

The project deals with the issues of contemporary representation and the development of splines in relation to complex digital form and physical space. 
Visualization today encompasses the development, exploration and communication of information and ideas in multiple mediums. The drawings developed critical visual literacy and reviewed methods for generating and evaluating lines, surfaces and volume. 

The gestural line explores the potential and differences of the stroke, the gesture and the line. In architecture and visualization these artifacts can be associated with rhythmic repetition, erratic character, structural integrity, whimsical moments and elegant form. Through gesture, drawing, building and rebuilding the project addresses issues of line, surface and volume.

The Composite Model

The composite model explores texture and surface development. The range of investigatio includes subtle bumps to elaborate deformation. Through design, testing, and refining the project addresses issues of aggregation, layering, and tactility.

The Voxel Model

The last object explores processing and texture mapping. It is a refinement of all previous concepts. The pixel two-dimensional map is applied to voxel based object including the relationships between colors, shading and various scales of voxels in array.