Spring 2016  
CrossOver Studio, die Angewandte

instructors Andrea Börner, Bernhard Sommer

Westbahnhof Vienna

Landscape of Change

You were right. People are deaf. They have lost the skills and desire to carefully listen to the world around us. Here, we sit in the first row of the urban symphony which keeps the city lively place to be in. An environment is playing for us but who is listening? What is the capacity, the attitude, the psychology and culture of the city listener? You hear that the city is alive with closed eyes, you will see... All life is sound-generating, we have co-evolved with these sounds and connected with them in important ways. They have the power of influencing our mood and behavior. But city plays different tones nowadays- electric, artificial, imitating. In some districts the buildings also got deaf. This illness is eating everything and everyone. It is invisible but still physical, easily changing our urban perception. The common ground is disappearing.To move on, we might take some electric car which someone just parked around the corner. Cars in this city have changed their physical and virtual body, we used to hear them as children. Now we just get an invisible signal informing us about the appearance of the cars in our surrounding. They are waiting for another person who wants to travel in time and space of today's city.This self-efficient machine will drive us home by its artificial intelligence collecting energy on the way, it is too far to walk for us. At the end, the car leaves us in the interstitial narrow space below the new ground where it exchanges the stored energy with space above. We live in the natural cycle of the city and environment, in the constant feedback loops. Each place provides an index. Our new soundscape consists of wide range of elements. We listen to people walking through the streets, being part of the urban life, exchanging their experiences; natural sounds, including animal and sounds from trees, the sounds of weather, sounds of the infrastructure.
The ground is not stable as it used to be back in the days, landscape is changing our perceptions, is it still the solid ground we walk on? The system is getting softer but still stable, it transforms and exchanges the tones and frequences all around us, it has a capacity to handle and process movement, difference. It brings the evolution of forms from formless environment. Walking through the landscape, we pass
through the cycle of the events which are constantly in the motion, they appear at a certain place at a certain linear time. We experience the city differently in every moment of
our journey. Over the years, w became totally synchronized with the surrounding. We can provide the stored energy from the self-driving shared cars for our private dwellings. It is a new urban symbiosis, living a life with zero energy footprint.
I will leave you soon, have to catch an electric train to the far away destination, with the sound mark to announce the start of the new tomorrow.

Floor Plan 

explores acoustic properties within multiple layers of program on one level (level 02)

Longitudinal Section 

distribution of programs
relations to noise levels

Sound Levels

intensity in various spaces- layers and the flow of sound through “chanels”