Fall 2016
Studio Hani Rashid, die Angewandte

Heldenplatz, Vienna

Future [No]Mad Hub is a platform for digital nomads, the local research community, and general public to work and research.

followed by exhibition 

The future of humanity depends on its cities. Urbanization is the main cause of ecological destruction and the future of our societies is dependent on making our cities sustainable. Future [No]Mad Hub will be a center for researching and creating the future cities.

This project looks at nomadic people as a phenomenon of the future. Over the past few years, more and more people have become ‘digital nomads’ – people who relocate to different countries for temporary periods of time. Future [No]Mad Hub is a platform for digital nomads to work and develop their ideas in an environment where they are supported by the local research community and can benefit from the surrounding facilities.

Floor Plan
Each pavilion consists of 2 systems related to each other.They together create series of sub-squares around the entrances to the separated buildings. 
This created situation allows events to be joined within the square and the building without fixed boundaries. 
Urban space is produced through the performative quality of the extension of the landscape into the building.


Pavilion Sections
program distribution

Form Development